Having spent 15 years working in viticultural and agricultural production across various states of Australia as well as North America has enabled Stuart Proud to gain a wide range of experience in a diverse range of locations.

Experience with practical, technical and managerial roles has led him to understand the many obstacles that farmers, growers and land managers face on a daily basis. At the centre of these issues is the need to have

a healthy and sustainable production


After graduating from an Agricultural

Science degree Stuart has had a major focus on biological, sustainable and organic production for the past 7 years and has successfully implemented these systems into commercial properties. He has gained a sound knowledge and understanding of microbial interactions between

soil and plants. 

Stuart is able to assist farmers, growers and land managers in understanding the role that soil biology plays in a healthy system and how to practically implement a cost effective program to get the maximum from your soil with reduced reliance on synthetic fertilisers and chemicals.